Inspire Every Person You Lead

to Do Their Best Work.
Clarify your organization’s identity and direction so you can engage your team to delight every customer.
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3 Steps to Strengthen Your Leadership

And Engage Everyone To Drive Success

Embrace Your Organization's Unique Design

Your organization has a unique set of characteristics and abilities. The key to your success is to uncover and embrace this ‘DNA’.

Clarify WHAT You Want to Accomplish and WHY

Stop wasting time on pursuits you were never designed to accomplish. Focus on achieving the things that truly delight your customers.

Communicate Clearly to Your Entire Team

Ensure everyone can connect what they do with making customers happier and growing your company.


Transform Your Business

Learn the 4 questions every successful leader must answer

Workshop Agenda

    • • Senior Leadership Interviews
    • • Determine Workshop Objectives and Outcomes
    • • Understand Business Vision and Goals
    • • Understand Business and Leadership Challenges
    • • Finalize Workshop Agenda and Participants
    • • Pre-Workshop Workshop Assignments As-Needed
    • • Introductions / Review Workshop Agenda
    • • Background:
      • – How did we get here?
      • – Why are we doing this?
      • – What are the objectives?
      • – Establish Workshop Ground Rules
    • • Overview of the Serving Leader Compass
      • – WHO? / HOW? / WHAT? / WHY?
    • • DNA: WHO are you?
      • – The Theory of Organizational DNA
      • – Benefits of Defining Organizational DNA
      • – The Founder’s DNA
      • – Workshop Activities:
        • ◦ Investigating the Past
        • ◦ Analyze & Synthesize Results
        • ◦ Clarify Your Organization’s DNA
    • • Lunch
    • • Morning Debrief
    • • Values: HOW will you operate?
      • – DNA-Driven Values Definition
      • – Workshop Activities:
        • ◦ Company Stories & Brainstorming
        • ◦ Analyze & Synthesize Results
        • ◦ Clarify Your Organization’s Values
    • • Great Purpose: WHY do you exist?
      • – DNA-Driven Great Purpose Definition
      • – Workshop Activities:
        • ◦ Company Stories & Brainstorming
        • ◦ Analyze & Synthesize Results
        • ◦ Clarify Your Organization’s Great Purpose
    • • Mission: WHAT will you accomplish?
      • – DNA/Values/GP-Driven Mission Definition
      • – Workshop Activities:
        • ◦ Company Stories & Brainstorming
        • ◦ Analyze & Synthesize Results
        • ◦ Clarify Your Organization’s Mission
    • • Next Steps
      • – Testing and Qualifying Your Compass
      • – Aligning the Team Around Your Compass
      • – Link Between Leadership, Culture & Success
    • • Debrief with Senior Leadership:
      • – Evaluate Workshop Experience
      • – Align Outcomes with Business Success Factors
      • – Provide Next-Step Recommendations

How will this change your business?

We love to see leaders, organizations, and communities reach their full potential. No matter your definition of success, we believe in meaningful and measurable results.

Lead an Organization that is...

not for Surviving

  • not Unmotivated
  • no Punching the Clock
  • no Questioning Leadership
  • no Losing Customers
  • not Unsure of the Future
  • not Financially Unstable


  • Passionate & Driven
  • Making a Difference
  • Inspiring Employees
  • Growing Fans
  • Clear & Confident
  • Maximizing Results

What’s My Investment?

You know your organization has the potential to achieve more, but you‘re not sure where to focus first.


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How much is your stagnant culture already costing you? How many of your employees are doing their best work?

Our Unique DNA

We are equippers who create innovative solutions to awaken identity and purpose in leaders

Newton Institute has spent over 30 years documenting how some of the greatest leaders on earth engage their teams to perform at the highest level. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses like yours get clarity on WHO they are and how they can better serve their customers.

What differentiates us is the central focus on DNA. We believe every organization is designed with distinctive characteristics to serve the marketplace in a unique way, and we’ve found that the key to success is uncovering, embracing, and staying true to that design.

Once every person you lead understands WHY you exist, and why their work matters, you experience greater creativity, quality, productivity, and team synergy. This gives more value to your customer and bottom-line results are a natural conseque.

We’ll teach you how to create a strong foundation to achieve your definition of success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The compass is an incredible tool that now hangs in my office. I always refer back to it when having to make difficult decisions.
Pam Perrino


The 2-day workshop was the first we incorporated the concept of DNA into our annual planning. As a result, we now have greater clarity about why we exist and how to best serve our customer.
Patty Silbert

President, Newton Talent

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